All Out Multi Insect Killer - 425 ml
  • Kills Cockroaches, Mosquitoes & Flies
  • 5 benefits in 1: Fast action on mosquitoes, kills dengue mosquitoes, kills hidden mosquitoes, pleasant fragrance, effective against mosquitoes
  • Water Based

All Out Multi Insect Killer - 425 ml

  • A minimum distance of 1 meter should be maintained from the walls and the objects in the place where the product is being sprayed. Doors and windows should remain closed. Keep the can slightly tilted upwards while spraying and spray about 10 seconds per 20m3 area. Evacuate the room and keep the room closed for 20 minutes. Thereafter, open the doors & windows and allow sufficient ventilation. It can be used as a spot spray also.

  • This Item is Non-returnable.

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