All Out Ultra Refill
  • Material:Plastic, Color:Clear
  • Package Contents:1-Piece Refill
  • Most advanced refill, fits every All Out machines
  • Most advanced knockdown formula
  • Kills mosquitoes causing dengue

All Out Ultra Refill

₹140.00 Regular Price
₹125.00Sale Price
Packaging Size
  • Protection from Mosquito-Borne Diseases

    Better safe than sorry, All Out brings to you this mosquito repellent chemical which shields you from harmful diseases caused by mosquitoes. Built with advanced power formula, it kills mosquitoes with more efficiency. Stay healthy and safe with this invisible cloak around you.

    Covers the Entire Room

    Each refill has a graphite rod in the middle and when the repellent chemical comes in contact with the heated rod, it turns into fume which disables the sensors of the mosquitoes. No matter which part of your room you install them in, the devices spread out evenly to every corner of your room, killing mosquitoes efficiently.

    Long Lasting

    The All Out refill contains 45ml of clear liquid that withstands days of use. It can keep you safe from mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus without consuming too much of the liquid and therefore lasts more than a month. Put it on 30 minutes before you enter the room and have a good peaceful sleep without worry.

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