Diversey GP Forward General Purpose Cleaner , 2.5 Ltr

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Packing Size Available in   : 2.5 Ltr
HSN Code :34029099
GST Rate   : 18 %

Diversey GP Forward General Purpose Cleaner , 2.5 Ltr

  • Features: removes all types of dirt, grit, grease, and soap scum. Mild citrus scent provides a pleasing fragrance without a heavy perfume smell. Leaves surfaces sprakling clean without rinsing. Works well with cold, hot, hard, or soft water. Works with mop and bucket, trigger spray, and autoscrubber applications.

    • Applications: use as spray and wipe for tops, tables, sinks, and other ceramic surfaces. For use as scrub and recoat. Powerful general purpose cleaner.


    • 2 liter bottle makes 85 RTU gallons at 1:128 dilution, and 169 RTU gallons at 1:256 dilution


    • Mild citrus scent


    • Shelf life is 2 years in concentrate


    • Sold as a case of two (2 liter bottles)
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