Diversey Snapback F3 , 5 L

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Item  Code :739182
Group        : Floor Care
Packing Size Available in   : 5 Ltr
HSN Code : 34052000
GST Rate   : 18 %

Diversey Snapback F3 , 5 L

    • Remove gross soil such as heavy tar, paper, gum, etc., and then dust mop floor.
    • Using a spray bottle, spray two or three full sprays onto a floor area approximately 4 ft x 6ft. Do not over wet.
    • Using a nylon or polyester spray buff pad (a red pad is typically best), make one pass with a floor machine to spread out the product. Then return and buff to gloss which will take approximately two passes.
    • Flip or change machine pad as frequently as necessary.
    • After buffing is completed, dust mop floor if dust is present.
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