Domex Toilet Bowl Cleaner 5L

Ready to Use, Thick Liquid formula, to clean all types of toilet bowls and urinals. Helps to eliminates stains & bad odors effectively* *Based on lab test


  • Thick formula offering good contact time to penetrate and helps to remove stubborn stains*

Directions for Use Transfer the liquid into a handy, squeeze can for easy dispensing under the rim. 1. Direct and squeeze nozzle under toilet rim. 2. Leave for 15 minutes for best results , scrub with a toilet brush and flush.

Domex Toilet Bowl Cleaner 5L

  • Safety Information • Store in a cool, dry place and in the original container only. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for more details. Keep away from Direct Sunlight. • Only for professional use. • Should not be mixed with bleach because it can release dangerous gases (chlorine) • Keep the bottle closed and out of reach of children .In case of accidental contact with eyes and skin ,wash off immediately with water and seek medical advice • For more details, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.