Good knight Gold Flash - Mosquito Repellent Refill, 45 ml (Pack of 2)
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  • PGoodknight Gold Flash is India’s Most Powerful Liquid Vapouriser. It consists of a mosquito repellent cartridge (refill) and clip-on electronic machine. This vapouriser system is powered by Gold Flash technology which has 2 modes - Flash and Normal Mode. Use Flash Mode when there are more mosquitoes, and Normal Mode when there are fewer mosquitoes. Visible powerful Flash vapours instantly spread across the room and drive away mosquitoes, even the hidden ones. Flash mode releases visible vapours for 30 minutes every 4 hours.

Good knight Gold Flash - Mosquito Repellent Refill, 45 ml (Pack of 2)

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  • Good knight Activ+ Mosquito Repellent Refill

    Good knight Activ+ Refill is India’s most trusted liquid mosquito repellent refill, it can be used in all electronic mosquito repellent machines but works best when used with Good knight Activ+ Machine.

    About Good knight

    Good knight is India’s largest household insecticide brand, trusted and loved by more than 7.4 crore households. It has a rich heritage being a part of the 119 year Godrej group.

    Electric products like Activ+ vaporizer machine & refill & other solutions like Coils & Fast Card, provide people with indoor protection from mosquitoes. The brand has now forayed into personal repellents to help protect its users from mosquitoes and vector borne diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya, while they are outdoors.



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    High Caliber Porous Wick that Fits All Machines

    Dual Mode Advantage if Used with Good Knight Activ+ Machine

    Protects Your Family from Diseases Like Dengue and Chikungunya

    How to Use


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    Uncap the Refill Bottle

    Insert the Bottle into the Machine & Rotate to Fasten

    Insert the Machine into the Socket and Enjoy 33% Extra Protection

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long do I need to keep the machine on?

    It depends on the mosquito infestation at your house. As the dengue and chikungunya mosquitoes are active during daytime as well, we recommend using this product early morning and late in the afternoon too.

    2. Do I need to keep the windows shut while using the product?

    We recommend you to shut them for the first 30 minutes after you use of the product. Post that, the windows can be opened.

    3. How long does one refill last?

    The longevity of the refill depends on the mode in which the machine is being used. Activ+ mode consumes more liquid.

    4. Is this effective against dengue mosquitoes?

    Yes Good knight Activ+ is effective against all mosquitoes, including those that spread dengue and chikungunya.

    5. Can I use this product if a baby is sleeping in the room?

    All of Good knight’s products undergo stringent regulatory and quality checks and basis these, it’s considered safe for usage when babies or pregnant women are in room. However, some of us might be sensitive and in such cases we recommend you consult your physician.

    6. How do I protect my family from diseases like dengue or chikungunya?

    The first step in protecting your family from mosquito borne diseases is eliminating the mosquito breeding places in and around your house – change the water in vases every 3 days, discard the water in fridge tray, AC tray and plates under flower pots, keep all the water storage covered.

    The next and most important thing to do is avoid mosquito bites:

    Wear full sleeved clothes when weather permits, use personal outdoor repellents like Good knight Fabric Roll-On when you step out of home.

    Use mosquito repellents in home even during daytime, as dengue and chikungunya spreading mosquitoes are mostly active in the daytime.

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