Microfiber Wet Mop Refill - 350 gm
  • Absorbs More Than Any Other Mop On The Market...In 1/3 Of The Time. Sick of cheap mops & how they just push the mess around? Equip you or your staff with the fastest absorbing & best industrial microfiber mop. Start working smarter not harder.
  • Don't Settle For Cheap Cotton Alternatives! Microfiber soaks up far more liquid & picks up more dirt than cotton.  Plus, our tube mops are extremely soft & won't fall apart or frizz like a traditional cotton string mops. 
  • Great For High Traffic, Messy Areas. Customers dragging in a wet, muddy, or snowy mess into your store? Keep your floors spotless & streak free without the hassle of traditional mops, spending a fortune, or breaking your back scrubbing.  It's the perfect mop for rough surfaces, even concrete or stone floors! 
  • Machine Wash When It’s Dirty. You'll Get Hundreds Of Uses Out Of It! Stop using those nasty, stained cotton mops. With looped ends & tubes sewn inside-out, we've made these industrial wet mop heads to last!
  • Use With Any Of Our Wet Mop Handles

Microfiber Wet Mop Refill - 350 gm

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    Tube mops last much longer than cotton string mops! The tubed design means no fraying in the wash, & the looped ends means less of a chance of unraveling when mopping. We've even sewn the tubes inside out, taking an extra step to prevent fraying and unraveling.

  • We've designed these with ribbed tubes to decrease friction with the ground when mopping. These also have a tailband to ensure less tangling and even coverage when mopping.

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