Microfibre Wet Mop Refill , 350 g

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Item Code : 8130 Green , 8131 Blue , 8132 Red , 8133 Yellow

Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

Group : Mop & Accesories

HSN Code : 9603

GST Rate : 18%

Colour : Green , Blue , Red , Yellow .

Microfibre Wet Mop Refill , 350 g

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  • Construction: Microfiber Wholesale's Large Microfiber Tube Mop is an industrial mop & the most absorbent rough floor mop on the market. It’s commercial grade, made from tubed and looped 300 GSM woven microfiber material, the same material that we use in our All Purpose Microfiber Towels. It comes with our rib tubed design, reducing the friction between the mop and the floor. Our tube mops loops are sewn on the inside. The lint free material is made up of hundreds of thousands of split fibers which give the mop its ability to grab dirt and not let go. The open spaces created by the splitting process also give the mop its ability to absorb liquid. The loops are bound by a vinyl coated mesh head band which promotes breathability, fast drying, and can also be used as a scrubber. They also feature a tail band which ensures even coverage; the tail band also prevents the mop from getting tangled during the laundering process.


    Uses: Our Microfiber Tube Mop is great for cleaning up spill as well as maintaining floors. Since the mop is so absorbent it’s really ideal for cleaning up spills. This means it’s a great mop for use in fast food restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, kitchens or anywhere else liquid is spilled. The tube mop is also one of the most effective industrial floor mops. It's a looped mop with our rib tubed design, so you will always have a smooth feel and easy glide while mopping. The heavy-duty vinyl coated mesh headband helps the loops dry fast, but also works great as a scrubber on tough messes. The same characteristics that make microfiber towels such a revolutionary cleaning tool are also present in this mop. The lint free material makes the tube mop a great option for rough floors like concrete. If you are looking for industrial or commercial mop head replacements or refills look no further than our large tube mops.


    Method: The Microfiber Tube Mop is ready to work right out of the box. It requires no break in like cotton mops do. First, attach the mop to a handle. For cleaning up spills start with a dry or well wrung out mop and start circling the spill from the outside in. This prevents spreading the spill. Don’t work to fast, you need to give the microfiber a chance to absorb the liquid. For cleaning floors start with a damp mop and move backwards through the space you’re cleaning while working the mop from side to side. Rinse and wring the mop as need. It's our best mop for commercial use! 

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