Room Service Trolley ( With Door )

GST Rate : 18 %

Item Name :  Room Service Trolley

Wheel : Four-wheel

Colour  :  Black , Grey and Yellow

Piece : 1 Pcs / Case

Usage : Cleaning

Frame  Material : Plastic

Type : Janitorial Trolley

Height : 128.5 cm

Lenght : 154 cm

Width : 54 cm

Room Service Trolley ( With Door )

    •  Four Large Shelves
    •  Multiple Small Top Compartments
    •  Two Laundry Bags
    •  Four Castors
    •  Handles
  • The  Housekeeping Trolley is a hard-wearing trolley designed with maximum storage to provide maximum effectiveness for the user. The trolley is manufactured using durable plastic and incoporates four castors to allow for maximum mobility. The middle section of the trolley is a large area with four shelves with the top section being split into several compartments for smaller items. 

    For either laundry or refuse, the trolley frame includes two removable laundry bags at either end. The frame also incorporates handles to aid with transporting the trolley.

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