Suma 3 in 1 Liquid - 2 L

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Item  Code : 5941441
Group        : Kitchen
Packing Size Available in   : 2 Ltr
HSN Code : 34029011
GST Rate   : 18 %

Suma 3 in 1 Liquid - 2 L

  • Suma 3 in 1 Liquid is a hyper concentrated liquid cleaner. This hyper concentrate is diluted to make stock solution, which needs to be diluted again to make ready to use solution. It is effective in removing, all grease and food soils from dishes, cleaning all surfaces especially kitchen floors. Suma 3 in 1 liquid is a scientifically blended, balanced cleaner containing mixed actives and special ingredients to enhance cleaning performance.

    • Contains a blend of actives to eliminate grease and food stains
    • Super concentrated liquid stock solution is viscous and rich in active cleaners
    • Leaves tableware scratch free and streak free
    • Streak free on all glass surfaces
    • Provides excellent sensorial feeling of soapy and mildness
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