Suma Inox D7.1 , 5 L

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Item  Code :HHSLIA1
Group        : Kitchen
Packing Size Available in   : 5 Ltr
HSN Code : 34052000
GST Rate   : 18 %

Suma Inox D7.1 , 5 L

  • Maintain shiny and clean stainless steel quickly and easily with Suma Inox stainless steel polish. Give stainless steel surfaces new life and longer-lasting luster that reduces the need for frequent cleanings. Suma Inox stainless steel cleaner leaves no sticky surfaces and prevents finger marks to preserve a just-polished appearance. Use less effort and still get better results.

    • CShiny and clean stainless steel quickly and easily
    • Gives new life, prevents finger marks and gives long lasting luster
    • Reduce the need for frequent cleaning
    • Less effort with better results
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