Surface Stable Bleaching Powder, 1 Kg Pack

Stable Bleaching Powder Product Fact sheet Stable Bleaching Powder (Calcium Hypochlorite) is a widely used chemical. It decomposes on contact with water, releasing chlorine at the point of application. This makes it a strong oxidizing and bleaching agent.

Applications Bleaching powder is basically a bleaching agent. It finds application as a bleaching agent in Textile Mills, Hand Looms and Power Looms, Hosiery, Laundry, Paper, Soap and Silicate manufacturing and as oxidizing agent in organic synthesis. It is not for Medicinal Use. Safety / Precaution: Keep away from water, acid, combustible materials and heat. Drums can rupture when heated. Storage: Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, away from the source of heat, direct sunlight. Avoid extended storage during summer. First Aid Measures Eyes : Flush eyes with a stream of water for atleast 15 minutes Skin : Flush thoroughly with cool water under shower while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Discard non rubber shoes Inhalation : Remove to fresh air Ingestion : If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, although it may occur

Surface Stable Bleaching Powder, 1 Kg Pack

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