Taski Jontec Terranova W F9F , 5 L

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Item  Code : 4269390
Group        : Floor Cleaner
Packing Size Available in   : 5 Ltr
HSN Code : 34052000
GST Rate   : 18 %

Taski Jontec Terranova W F9F , 5 L

  • Taski Jontec JD Terranova W crystallization is a product of crystallization for marble and terrazo. Crystallization product for the maintenance of calcareous soils, which restores the gloss and hardness of the treated surfaces.
    It acts chemically on the calcium carbonates present in the material, to form a mineral screen providing great resistance to traffic and a high level of gloss. The mineral protective screen facilitates maintenance, preventing impregnation of soiling in the porosities of the coating. Sold in 5 liter can.

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